Electric Geyser replacement and maintenance
Saving costs and geyser maintenance

No HOT WATER coming out the tap. Only three possible problems:

1. Have you got electricity? Check the prepaid metre.
2. Thermostat is faulty
3. Element is damaged

It is an insurance requisite that a drip tray be fitted under the electric geyser. There is a sacrificial anode inside most geysers. This is the 2 nd most important part in a geyser after the element. A sacrificial anode is a rod placed on the element flange. It takes on all the damage from the water so that your geyser and pipes don’t have to. Additionally, a healthy anode reduces the amount of sediment at the bottom of your geyser, which can cause the geyser to use more electricity and reduce the amount of usable water in the tank.

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