Geyser Wise - All in one hot water management by controlling the thermostat in your electric geyser and solar water heater


Do you physically switch your electric geyser off at the electrical board? Yes. Then you will have forgotten to switch it on at some stage.

Geyser wise is a smart timer that controls how long and when to heat the water in your geyser. You set the time it should start heating the water in the geyser and when to switch it off.

We have 3 Geyser wise products.

The basic one as described above

GeyserWise MAX that is used in conjunction with a solar water heater. It works on electric geysers, thermosiphon and pumped solar hot water heaters.

If you have a solar water heater you need a GeyserWise system. Its the product to have in your quest to saving electricity and the amount of money you spend with your muncipality or Escom.

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