Water storage solutions, Municipal water back up and Rain Water Harvesting using JoJo tanks and CRI pumps


Water Storage Solutions using - JoJo Tanks in George.

We are preferred installers of JoJo tanks because we are plumbers and understand the flow of water and how to do a municipal by pass in order to store water on the premises. There are two ways to fill a JoJo tank namely from municipal water or from Rain Water Harvesting. 

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In the new South Africa we are constantly reminded of the looming fresh water problems the country is facing. The Finishing Contractor is an approved installer of JoJo tanks.

We are approved installers of Jo Jo tanks in the towns of George, Bedfordview, Edenvale, germiston, Boksburg, Benoni, Brakpan and Springs. We are required to lay a concrete plinth for the tank to stop it bulging and waekening the tank.

We are constantly being warned about the possible disaster the shutting of of power can cause. There will be now water in the reseviors but if you had a large JoJo tank you could comfortably use the water in the JoJo thus providing water for a week. Lets hope it never gets to this but it happened in Cape town in 2018




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Rain water harvesting and JoJo tanks

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