With all the negative talk about the ESKOM crisis, gas geysers often come up as a savings solution to the increase in electricity prices or the comfort of having hot water to bath or shower in after a days work.

We offer top brands like Bosch, VEC Power, Paloma, Typhoon, Totai, Zero and Dewhot gas geysers.

There are generally two types of geysers:- Those that operate with a diaphram and batteries and the other is what is commonly refered to as a  "Force fan" type geyser. Both work very well however the force fan required electricity to operate where as the diaphram type requires batteries thus the diaphramme type will provide hot water during load sheadding. The force fan types deliver more water per minute at higher temperatures but need electricity to ignite - no electricity= no hot water unless you fit a small USP to the unit.

The easiest way to describe a force fan is that it operates like a Turbo which forces air into the fire chamber, much like blowing into a braai fire the heat intensifies. We suggest a site visit to discuss the advantages of both. With Eskom load shedding and talk of its failure the diaphram types win hands down but deliver less water at lower temperatures.

The force fan units generally deliver more water flow and can attain higher temperatures but cost more - around double the price for the complete installation. We will gladly discuss the different units, Brands and cost options should you require our FREE quotation service. Call Alan 071 551 2108

There is no need to change your lifestyles. A gas geyser is not dependant on the supply of electricity or the sun, thus leaving the control of your usage in your hands. Gas is the ideal South African energy solution for water heating.

Gas Water Heaters or gas geysers provide a real solution to load sheadding and the ever increasing price of electricity in the George Mosselbay area.

There is not much worse than getting home after work and finding the power is off and you have to have a cold shower or bath. I always say a happy wife = a happy life. Gas geysers usually start by means of two torch size batteries thus if the power is off the gas geyser will provide an almost endless supply of hot water until the gas cylinder is depleted.

We generally state that if a gas geyser and gas stove or gas hob is installed the electricity bill will be cut by at least 50%.

We install top brand Gas Geysers like: Atlas, Bosch, Rinnai Totai in the following towns: Wilderness, Glentana, Boths Strand and Grootbrak

Need a COC for gas and you live on the Garden Route or just fed up with load shedding and having no hot water?

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Change to a gas water heater today thus saving on electricity bills and get boiling hot water on tap 24/7.

The rising cost of electricity supplied by ESKOM and Local Municipalities and with load shedding it is making the investment in gas water heaters and gas stoves an increasingly attractive investment.


Why a gas geyser?

An instantaneous gas water heater provides hot water only when you require it. By choosing gas you do not pay for hot water to be kept hot in a storage vessel like an electric geyser. You only pay for what you use.

Gas is the most efficient method of heating water. In my home we have 4 showers per day and I use a 9kg cylinder in 30 days. My hot water is costing me around R300 per month.

The initial investment for our gas geysers ranges from R3 600 or the supply of our 12L/min units and up to R30 000 depending on your hot water demand, installation requirements, legislation governing installation and safety.  (Subject to a site visit)(And the R/$)

We supply top brand geysers like Bosch, Renai, Paloma, Typhoon, Cadac and Delta. All these brands have quality products to suit the various requirements in the home.

All gas geysers are imported. Which brand to chose? It depends on the expectation of the home owner however they all produce hot water and as one client said ‘Boiling point is boiling point” – They all do the job of heating water. Being at the coast and taking the rust situation into account I'm leaning towards the diaphramme type.

It is our experience in the Hot Water business that differentiates us. Our back ground is in Solar water heating. Having 40 years experience in heating water helps us guide you in making the right decision for your application. Our team have been pioneers in Solar water heating in SA. Having worked for Kwikot as their first installer of solar, we recon we know domestic water heating.

We do the complete job and take responsibility for our installations – both gas and plumbing. You don't want a gas installer and a separate plumber to do your job. The reason being they will pass the buck if there is a problem. The gas guy will show you the geyser ignites therefor its not his problem. The plumber is going to say look here is the cold in and the water is flowing so it's not my problem but you need hot water. Thats why you want us to install for you. 

The average installation excluding the unit costs around R5000 to install both the gas and the plumbing. The larger units would cost more as a result of the different pipe sizes and time to install.

Geysers range from R3000 to R18000.

Gas certificate of compliance is an extra R750.00

Finance available to home owners - Terms and conditions apply.


How does a gas geyser work?
Very well!

A gas geyser is a tank-less heat exchanger that only burns gas and provides hot water when you need it. It is instantaneous. Opening the hot water tap sets a series of processes in motion and the ignited gas heats the water passing through the unit. A gas geyser (water heater) works with a pulse igniters that ignites the instant the hot water tap is opened, thus providing instant hot water when you require it. There is no storage tank (geyser) that requires constant heating. As the hot tap is closed the system stops heating the water thus making a gas geyser the most efficient hot water system.

Our gas geysers deliver from 8lt/min to 27 l/min of hot water at a change in temperature ranging of 25 - 45 degrees C. We also offer the fan assisted gas geyser that can deliver higher temperaturesof up to 70C.

The gas geyser is plumbed in-line into the existing water piping. This translates into very simple plumbing requirements but it does take about 4 to 5 hours to complete. Our installation technicians connect a cold water supply to the inlet, and a hot water draw to the outlet. No pressure relief valves are required. We prefer outdoor installations as there is no breaking of tiles, painting etc or bathroom renovations and the carbon Monoxide that is produced by the burning gas is expelled into the atmoshere.


Why a gas geyser?

The rising cost of electricity supplied by ESKOM and Local Municipalities and load shedding is making the investment in gas water heaters an increasingly attractive investment.

People generally bath or shower in water at a temperature of 40 to 45degrees C. A conventional electric geyser we heat the stored water to a temperature between 55 and 65C and then cool it down by adding cold water to reduce the temperature to around 42C. It doesn’t make sense paying to heat water and store it at a higher temperature than required only to cool it don to utilise it. Electric geysers are set at 55 to 65c to provide more baths at demand times. By tapping in a small amount of 65C water will require about the same amount of cold to allow one to bath. Thus more volume of water will be in the bath. This way 2 baths can be taken from a 200L gegser.

When using water from a gas geyser the idea is to use it at the desired temperature. We do this by adjusting the amount of gas going to the unit and the flow of water. This is done at the unit. Our technicians will show you how it all works during the hand over and giving you the COC


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Reasons to consider changing to a gas geyser.


  • Saves electricity. Up to 60% of your electricity bill can be saved
  • Replace you burst electric geyser with a gas geyser
  • Environmentally friendly with a low Carbon Footprint
  • Energy efficient as gas is only used when you require it
  • Uses LP Gas (Linked to petrol prices)
  • Electronic ignition or hydro ignition on some Bosch units – no pilot flame
  • Only uses gas when you require hot water
  • Installed outdoors – no water leakages in roof
  • Saves money as it doesn’t use electricity
  • Not affected by load shedding
  • Simple to use and safe
  • Affordable initial investment
  • LPGSA Certified and COC


Suitable for town houses, flats, houses, factories, warehouses and any where hot water is required.


There is no need to change your lifestyles. A gas geyser is not dependant on the supply of electricity or the sun, thus leaving the control of your usage in your hands. Gas is the ideal South African energy solution for water heating.


Sizing indication

The following provides a guide to sizing of a gas geyser (tank-less water heater)



11l / minute                                                                           Kitchen

14l/minute                                                                             Shower

18l/minute                                                                             Bath

Top of the range units.

W2 range 24  Fan assisted – needs electricity                   House

W2 range 27  Condensing unit needs electricity                House


The above range can be purchased for LPG or natural gas.


Typhoon, Zero, Dewhot, Delta and Totai

10   Lt/min                                                                              Kitchen  or shower

12   Lt/min                                                                              Shower

16   Lt/min                                                                              Full bathroom

20   Lt/min                                                                              Full bathroom

Call The Finishing Contractor for a quotation if you have a faulty geyser, burst geyser, or just fed up with no hot water as a result of load shedding and power outages.

You can be confident that we will get the job done right, first time.

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Electricity is going up annually and we have been warned of the looming power shortage. Save money with a gas geyser.



We are registered gas practitioners for domestic installations.

All gas work is carried out according to SANS 10087-1:2013 which covers the handling, storage and connection of Liquefied petroleum gas installations for domestic installations

LPGSASA Registration number  4978

Contact The Finishing Contractor - Alan on 071 551 2108

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