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The Finishing Contractor has a team of experienced and enthusiastic gas installers, plumbers and handy men.

We specialise in HOT WATER SYSTEMS - electric geysers, heat pumps and gas geysers. Our team of qualified plumbing and gas installers fit, maintain and repair all makes of solar water heaters and gas geysers. We are listed on insurance company panels for the repair of gas geysers.

Some 38 years back, 2 of our team were pioneers in the solar water heating industry in SA. We believed in alternative energy way back when electricity was dirt cheap. Alan started Hot Water Systems, a solar water heating installation business installing solar systems for the ‘then’ leaders in the market Kwikot and van Leer.

The experience gained in fitting hot water systems has equipped us to be leaders in the plumbing of hot water systems.

TFC (The Finishing Contractor) is a general plumbing maintenace company. If its about water.... thats our business. Everything Water. 

We market and install Solar Water Heaters for domestic and industrial hot water, swimming pool heaters and spa baths. Having had a serious look at the Solar Water Heating equipment on the market, we believe they are far too expensive and would recommend installing gas geysers before solar water heating – just from an initial investment. We do install Kwikot Solar systems.

The conventional electric geyser is still the most popular way to heat water however with the rising cost of electricity and the uncertainty of electrical suppy,  alternative ways of heating water need to be looked at. When it comes to water heating Solar would be my first choice however the initial installation cost allows for gas geysers to be the current favourite for heating water. 

Kwikot are currently manufacturing all their geysers as solar ready. All their new geysers can be converted to a solar system. It means that you would only need to buy the solar panels and a conversion kit to use the sun as a supply of energy to heat your water. We offer a FREE quotation service to discuss your needs. Call Alan on 071 551 2108 for your no obligation quote.

Gas geysers too need to be sized and installed correctly to be efficient. That’s where our years of experience come into play.

We have a team of competent installers that provide COC - Certificate of compliance once the job has been installed. We do not use subcontractors.

Our trained sales consultants do a thorough assessment of your needs, taking into account your water usage on a daily basis and discuss a range of different systems available from instant hot water systems to solar powered hot water systems so that you understand the systems capability and how to get the best out of the system and which works best for you.

Should you wish to discuss the benefits of solar water heating versus gas water heating - it will be our pleasure.

We only install top brands of water heaters:- Kwikot for electric and solar and for gas we sell and install top brands like Bosch, Rennai, Paloma and the diaphrame gas geysers from Atlas, Typhoon, Totai and Delta. All gas installations are done by a registered gas installer and come with a CoC.

Yes a business requires sales to keep functioning but we don't just want sales we want usable and functional systems in the market and these installations will bring us sales.

We keep it simple and tidy.

All it costs to get an estimate is a cup of tea or coffee.

 Alan on 071 551 2108

We install all gas appliances and gas geysers as well as general plumbing!


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